The team of offerings has come together with the purpose of providing support to families, students, teachers, therapists and the special education community at large interested in expanding their capacity to serve children, teens and adults with special needs.

Karen Kaplan/Executive Director

Karen has been a professional in the field of special education for over 35 years. She is currently the Executive Director Wings Learning Center for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, in San Mateo County. She founded the Marin & North Bay Area Autism Lecture Series and Special Needs Resource Faire which is in its 5th year. She was the acting Executive Director of Oak Hill School for 6 years in Marin and the founder and Executive Director for the Kaplan Foundation, a non-profit residential school for children with special needs in Sacramento for 20 years.  She has been a board member for centers for special needs, a Speech Therapist for both private and public schools, a Special Education teacher, Author, College Instructor, Presenter /Guest Lecturer, Consultant and a Special Needs Delegate to China and Cuba for People to People.

Offerings will add an Expert Service Mentor position and a Graduate Student Mentor as the work globally expands.

Karen recently published On The Yellow Brick Road, a memoir and self-help book about her journey learning and helping those with autism.

“On my way home from the fair I was reflecting on what an INCREDIBLE day it was for me and then thinking beyond the “little me” as Eckert Tolle would say, realized that it was ONE WOMAN, ONE INCREDIBLE WOMAN with unconditional love and support who brought hundreds of educators, moms, professionals together for one day to connect, network, learn, Thank YOU KAREN KAPLAN/Executive Director Offerings...”
— Janet, mother of a young adult with Autism