Building capacity to serve individuals with special needs locally and in developing countries and increasing cultural awareness within our therapeutic and educational professional communities.

We will serve:

  • Families and their communities

  • Faculty & staff working in schools, clinics and centers serving people with disabilities

  • Educational & Clinical professionals

  • College & University students

How we will serve:

  • For the families, communities and staff working in countries we serve, Offerings will provide cutting edge information about the characteristics, prevalence, learning and adaptive challenges of individuals with disabilities.

  • Offerings will work with families, communities and staff in these countries to design culturally appropriate and relevant strategies for improving the quality of life and the learning potential of these individuals

  • For the educational and therapeutic professionals as well as the students, Offerings will provide the opportunity to engage in multi-cultural, hands on learning experience in developing countries. They will also volunteer service time and exchange ideas with faculty, staff and families of special needs populations from less developed regions of the world.

  • Through lectures, seminars, workshops, special events and resource exposition families, professionals and students will connect, share and learn.

β€œThe Autism Resource Fair itself is a great opportunity to meet and network with people involved in the plethora of services helping individuals with autism.
As a classroom teacher in an autism program, I felt that the lectures were relative and informative. Each lecture focused on one of the many aspects that parents, teachers, caregivers, therapists, may encounter, giving an overview and providing resources.”
— Hayley Garr, Educational Specialist