Offerings empowers people not by telling them what they should do, but by helping them gain the skills to develop control over their individual program visions. This enables them to make their own decisions as problems arise in order to improve and expand their services. Offerings also helps people to connect to resources and find new opportunities.

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Summer ‘19 Newsletter

Offerings 2016 trip to Bali Indonesia was focused on addressing the topics chosen by the centers and non-governmental organizations.The Speech & Language Therapists asked to have a workshop on the Communication Challenges of Children with Autism.  The Occupational Therapists on the island asked to understand Sensory Integration. The centers for children with special needs wanted to know more about Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Autism and effective teaching methods. The administrators from the centers wanted to learn more about development and fundraising ideas. The programs serving secondary age wanted to learn how to create pre-vocational programs.

Offerings sports department lead by Coach Josh Fitzgerald from Roseville, California provided a soccer skills day on the island of Bali, hosted on the Green School campus. Special Education Teacher, from Oakland, Ca. Alicia Newell provided coaching and mentoring during this special day as well. Thanks to Josh, 40 children were provided with soccer balls & jerseys and a special day of engaging in fun soccer activities. This may not seem extraordinary to some but many of the children were from a scholarship group who were sponsored to attend school due to financial support & some of the other children who joined attended local special needs centers for the physical and cognitively challenged. The final group was campers attending the Green School Camp. They became peer buddies on this day supporting the children with special needs.

This was the 2nd amazing integration of its kind on the island, typical children accepting and playing with peers with special needs.

The 2016 North Bay Autism Lectures Series, presented by Offerings focused on how it is to live daily on the spectrum. Seven sessions of “Hear Our Voices” showcased teens and young adults with ASD. They shared their successes & challenges. They shared their hopes and dreams. They shared their wisdoms so that professionals & parents could expand their understanding of how to help. Lectures were held at the Marin County Office of Education in San Rafael.

Offerings arrived in Entebbe Uganda on June 10, 2017 to collaborate with Embrace Kulture, who had been working in Uganda for over 4 years helping to bring acceptance and knowledge to special education centers and families concerned about the disabilities of autism and other developmental learning challenges.

Executive Director, Karen Kaplan, spent time observing the Komo Center in Entebbe, Dorna Center in Kampala, and St Ursula’s Special Needs School in Jinja. She met with the families to understand their concerns and answer their individual questions about their sons and daughters with autism. She also met with staff at the centers to understand their challenges and offer suggestions.

She provided recommendations to Centers' directors on creating effective classroom environments, developing meaningful activities and building communication skills and functional based curriculums.

Offerings inclusive sports coach, Joshua Fitzgerald, worked with the Entebbe Welfare School's special needs students in developing their Rugby skills and their coach in building training strategies. He traveled to the St. Ursula Special Needs School in Jinja and set up Rugby skill-development activities with their students as well. Coach Joshua was able to donate rugby balls, cones, bibs and practice shirts to the centers. 

In January of 2019 Offerings showcased its first seminar focusing on Girls on the Spectrum. Researchers from the M.I.N.D. institute and Dominican University of California, Psychologist from Sonoma State University and an experienced Marriage and Family Counselor from San Rafael began the discussions. Mothers of daughters’ on the spectrum shared and young woman on the spectrum enlighten guests.

On Saturday, April 27, 2019, Offerings hosted its 4th annual Autism Awesomeness event at St. Luke’s Church in San Rafael. The day was all about ability. At least 100 guests connected and shared resources. Supervisor Damon Connelly presented a proclamation honoring the day as Autism Awesomeness in the county and thanking all schools, centers, agencies and organizations for believing in and developing the ability of those living on the spectrum.

Amazing people on the spectrum showcased their art skills, musical ability, writing skills, dancing talent, trekking ability, filming and editing talent, meditation skills, singing ability, piano playing, poetry and DJ experience. What amazing contributions they all make to the communities they live in. 

What they are saying about Offerings

“Karen was amazing teaching our teachers to become more of a team”
— Tanja Schwiefert Suparna Board member of Yayasan Sari Hati, UBUD, Gianyar Bali
“I am a parent of an 11 years old son with autism. Me and my wife have been struggling for the past 8 years, looking for the right strategy on how to educate our son...But just only after 2 hours sitting and listening to Karen’s presentation in Java Indonesia...suddenly everything looks clear and bright....Thanks Karen ...and looking forward to a brighter future for dear son”
— Nova Y Mugijanto, Parent
“As a grandparent of a 13yr old granddaughter living in Oklahoma, I have been thirsty for information, education and resources. In listening to multiple presentations, different vantage points emerged and my questions answered. Beyond my own limited capacity to o research, this fed my need to “know” more and where to seek further answers.”
— Tim King, Grandparent
“We were very glad with the time Karen & her team gave us. We were given a lot if ideas which are helpful in giving us a new way of thinking”.
— Teachers of YPK
“I am always given the sense that Karen supports us and all the information provided valuable in helping us break down the barriers and make our future better.”
— Wahyuni Andhityawati Program Coordinator YPK
“In a very short time you have given us huge new knowledge and techniques to make future changes to better serve our patients. I believe your informal workshops and discussions with our staff are crucial to open and see “another world’ on how to help disabled children.”
— Pak Purnawan, Director YPK Bali (Yayasan Peduli Kemanusiaan)
“I had the wonderful experience in taking part in “The Second Special Needs Gathering” in Denpasar, Bali at the Annika Linden Centre. It was blissful seeing everyone supporting each other, helping to overcome challenges, sharing stories and experiences. I and all attendees were lucky to have Karen Kaplan & Ashley Davis their helping us create positive changes. Offerings ongoing assistance is truly a gift.”
— Wahyuni Andhityawati, Program Coordinator, YPK/Bali
“Karen has been a great support over the past few years to many organizations in Bali working with special needs. During her last visit she brought teachers and health providers from Bali and Java together for networking and sharing. Her vast knowledge and experience provided advice and support to help them further develop their programs. We are so lucky to have Karen and her team’s on-going assistance.”
— Sharon Cates, Clinical Rehabilitation Coordinator/Annika Linden Centre